Visiting the Netherlands

💚 We are happy to share that we arrived save back in Peru after visiting the Netherlands🌱🕊

Maestro Diogenes visit Noma Noma from Elco and Esther
And the Maestro together with Oliver & Marije visit Annemarie in Gelderland and the Sacred circle in Drenthe from Jan & Isis

Mucho gracias for making the trip possible, for your loving hospitality en for creating the beautiful spaces for the ceromonies
Also, we want to thank Marleen & Andre for translating and Angela & Rob for you your support and help!

Last but not least we will thank also the people who participate in the ceromonies
The trust, openness and the personal work you did is heartwarming, and we wish you all strength and love on your path
We feel grateful, strengthened and are happy we reached all of you to share the wisdom of the plant world

Irake! 💚💚

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