You are welcome at the Santuario either as an individual or as a group.
We are flexible with planning your stay and are happy to do this in consultation with you.

Program of the Santuario:

The main program of the Santuario involve the plant diets,which can be adjusted in duration.
A Dieta program of 1 month (4 weeks) costs 1800 USD and includes:

🌱 Boat transport to and from Santa Rosa de Dinamarca

🌱 Basic private accommodation in a tambo (cabin) with a bed, sheets, pillow, blanket, mosquito net, desk and chair

🌱 2 meals a day

🌱 Plants selected for the diet

🌱 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies

🌱 Flower baths (intended to help clean, and connect to the plant world)

🌱 Frequent opportunities for personal contact with the maestro (a)

*Open all year round.*
** For a diet, we recommend 2 weeks as a minimum**
* We love and support long term diets 🌱 *
**If you are seeking healing for certain illnesses, there are other types of diets and treatments. Please contact us for a consultation**

*** Please contact the Santuario for your stay

** Keep in mind that in choosing to come to the Santuario, you are aware of being immersed in the life of the jungle. While there are many other retreat centers that offer more modern amenities, the Santuario is an authentic experience of living in the jungle.**

Programs in collaboration with the Santuario:

Call of the soul:
Renee Grooters is closely involved with the santuario, and has been working with the family for years. Renee is a playful adventurous lady with a lot of passion for the plants.
Each year in spring and autumn she provides unique programs that are both accessible and profound under the name Call Of The Soul Retreats.