The traditional Shipibo plant diet (sama) is an intensive study period, done frequently for long periods by Shipibo maestros. It is where they gain their wisdom and knowledge as a healer and where they receive their Ikaros to sing.

Plant diets:

🌿  A diet is a way of making a connection with the master/healing plant-realms of the jungle and to learn from their wisdom.   Translated a diet can be deeply therapeutic but also function as a school where a wide variety of matters can be studied. The great thing about a diet is that it effortlessly adapts to you. The other way around, adjusting yourself to your diet can be challenging. Therefore in a diet you go into isolation, live close to nature and eat selected sober foods. It is all in order to maximize your connection to the plant world.   A diet requires a quiet, dedicated open spirit for the subtle and intense ways of it. At first this is not always easy to understand and recognize. Therefore we also recommend that you take at least two weeks for a diet.

🌱  🌿 The diets can be very transformative in many areas of your life; showing you surprising perspectives and revealing unexpected solutions which certainly is the beauty and adventure of it.

🌱 Choosing the plant of your diet can be intuitive or is in consultation with the maestro/maestra by announcing personal intentions. For example, the jungle plant Noma Noma is often chosen in order to receive a greater connection to music, Marosa can be chosen for receiving a better understanding of the healing dimension and Planta de Arte has the ability to expand your creativity. Each plant has its own character and specialty but it is personal what it teaches and reveals to you.

🌱  In preparation for your diet you will participate in a cleansing ritual called a vomitive, using the powerful jungle plant Pish Pish.  Your diet will officially take off by drinking the first extraction of your diet-plant prepared by the maestro(a). The diet process will start to reveal itself in all kinds of ways and as your diet progresses will become clearer, stronger and more stable.
The ayahuasca ceremonies (about twice a week) during your diet will deepen the process.

🌿  The student’s main teacher during a diet is the plant. However, the maestro(a) is an integral part of the process by supporting your connection and guiding you when needed. With their broad experience they are a source of information.