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Program of the Santuario:

The dieta on the santuario requires independence and some experience with inner work ore plant medicines
Dieta program for 1 month includes:

🌱Boat transport to and from Santa Rosa de DinamarcaBasic accommodation in a tambo (hut/cabin) with mattress, sheets, pillow, blanket, mosquito net, desk, chair, toilet paper, candles, matches

🌱2 meals a day

🌱Plants selected to dieta

🌱7 Ayahuasca ceremonies

🌱3  flower baths with jungle plants (intended to help clean, clear and connect)

🌱Laundry service – A member of the Garcia family will wash their clothes and their sheets when necessary

*** Please
contact the Santuario for price details and availability

Keep in mind that in choosing to come to the santuario, that you are aware of being immersed in the life of the jungle. While there are many other retirement centers that offer more than modern amenities, the Santuario is an authentic experience of living in the jungle

Programs in collaboration with the Santuario:

Call of the soul:
Renee Grooters is closely involved with the santuario, and has been working with the family for years
Every year she provides various unique programs of 2 weeks in April and October under the name: call of the soul Retraits
Renee is a playful adventurous lady with a lot of passion for the plants, her program is both accessible and profound