Maestro Diogenes (PENA METSA) and his wife maestra Anita (CHANON BEKA) decided after many years of work in different temples in Peru to develop their own center near their community santa rosa de denamarca They have paved their way through the jungle and created a unique center in the middle of their familiar jungle

Maestra Anita, comes from a shamanic lineage and started working with plants at the age of 13, although her formal training as a maestra began later in life together with her husband. Maestro Diogenes came to plant medicines as a maestro after a son of Diogenes end Anita became ill and was cured by a local maestro. Since then, he devoted his life to healing end the plant medicines/masters of the jungle Maestro Diogenes is a well-respected maestro, not only in his village but also in the plant medicine community, having worked with people from all over the world for over 30 years. He has a profound love of music and uses his musical abilities to heal and guide in ceremonies His eagerness and enthusiasm to share and heal, along with his caring nature, make him an involved curandero and teacher Maestra Anita is a gentle and kind matriarch, and her nurturing spirit is an integral part of her healing approach Like her husband, she is a well-respected maestra in the local village, as well as the global plant medicine community

They realize their dream of there own centre little by little through hard work and reliance In 2012 the Santurario opened its doors, end over the years the santuario has grown into an adult center, where the maestro and the maestra recieve together with their family guests from all over the world The maestro end maestra would like to ,share, pass on and retain there knowledge And the santuario is the place where they want to ensure that They work together with their two sons on the santuario And with carefully selected maestros/maestras from the jungle nearby

Maestro Tomas (Sui Metsa), is the eldest son of Diogenes and Anita (39). He has studied as a curandero under the guidance of his parents and became a strong but gentle maestro His ikaros are powerful guides and because of its humility it is easy to open up during ceromonies
Oliver (Shawan Niwe (23)) is the second last son and became intrigued as a child with ayahuasca by hearing the ikaros from his parents He dronk his first ayhauasca at the age of twelve and studied the plants since than through many planta diets and gained a great deal of experience in guiding ceremonies His ikaros are refined and create beautiful energies

Santuario de la Dieta Shipibo is a grassroots family-run operation, that is proud to be 100% Shipibo-owned.