🌿A dieta is a way of making connection with the master plans of the jungle, and to learn from their wisdom
The traditional Shipibo plant dieta (sama) is both an intense and intensive process, typically spent in isolation and with strict food restrictions, in order to maximize the connection to the plants.

Upon arrival and before the dieta officially begins, the student participates in a clearing ritual called a vomitivo, using a powerful jungle plant called Pish Pish, which is designed to clear the system of impurities. This is done in order to begin the dieta with as clean a channel as possible.

🌱Choosing you the plant is intuitive and always in consultation with the maestro/maestra It is possible that you feel attracted to a certain plant, or that you are assigned a plant by the maestra/maestro by pronouncing personal intentions For example, the jungle plant Noma Noma is often chosen in order to receive a greater connection to music; Marosa is chosen to better understand the world of the healing; and Planta de Arte has the ability to expand creativity.

🌱🌿You take an extraction of the plant/tree that is prepared from the bark, leaves and/or the roots; Each plant has its own preparation way The diet is opened after you have drunk the first extraction of the plant And drinking will repeat itself several times during the first days of your diet During the diet you connect with the spirit of a plant Each plant has its own character specialty, but is entirely personal in what it has to teach / tell you during your dieta

During the days of your dieta, you will subtly feel the connection, and through your dreams, the plant will communicate more clearly with you As your diet progresses, the relationship with the plant will deepen and strengthen

The ayahuasca ceremonies during your diet will be a deepening of your connection with the plant of your diet A moment of deep connection that ayahuasca is an opener of the spiritual world and the world of plants The ceremonies will take place about twice a week during your dieta

During the dieta, the student’s main teacher is the plant However, the maestro is an integral part of the support and learning process, helping to increase the connection to the plant(s) through Ayahuasca ceremonies, and will keep your energy closely monitored during your dieta, oversee and give directions as needed The maestro end maestro will also be a source of information for questions about dreams and / or visions during the ceromonies