The malokka (ceromony space)


Ayahuasca is a medicinal drink that has been drunk for thousands of years true the shipibo tribes in the Amazon She is deeply rooted in the Shipibo culture and an important source She is an opening to spiritual dimensions and the world of plants; a master plant for healing and wisdom

Ayhuasca ceromonie

The intention of the ayahuasca ceremonies is to make connection with your essence To cleanse your spiritual end physical body and find your way to the light And to gain insights and understanding in your behavior and your life/ experiences 

The maestro / maestra sings during the ceremony; ikaros True the ikaros they guide the ceromony and bring healing, wisdom, liberation and protection into the ceromonie 

The ikaros 

The plants are the principal foundation for the ikaros The energy of the ikaros comes from the plants, and the maestros transport this energy through singing the  ikaros The maestros receive and learn the ikaros from the plants during their many planten dietas

Ceremonies during a dieta

While following a planta dieta, the ceromonies are a deepening of the connection with the plant of your diet